How to boot into the BIOS or the Lifecycle Controller on your PowerEdge Server (2023)


How to boot into the BIOS or the Lifecycle Controller on your PowerEdge Server (1) Note: This article is part of the Server Tutorials: Support Tools, available here.

To enter the BIOS, press a function<F> key.Which function key to press is dependent upon your specific server.General guidelines are as follows:

(Video) How to update BIOS and firmware using Dell Lifecycle Controller | what to do when it doesn't work

  • <F2>Enables you to enterSystem Setup (BIOS).
  • <F10> Enables you to enter system services and startsLifecycle Controller (for iDRAC/Lifecyle Contoller enabled systems)
  • <F11> Enables you to enterBoot Manager.
  • <F12> Enables you to enterPXE Boot.

Press the desired <F> key once every two seconds until you see confirmation on the screen that you are entering the correct mode.
The <F> key menu is in the right of the screen,as show in figure 1.
How to boot into the BIOS or the Lifecycle Controller on your PowerEdge Server (2)
Figure 1.

Note: On older systems, you may not get confirmation. If you do not receive conformation of the mode on screen, then continue to press the correct key, once every two seconds until the mode is showing on screen.

On newer servers, you only need to press <F2> once when you see the Dell Splash screen. You should see confirmation of the boot mode in the upper right-hand corner.

Other BIOS may include the Remote Access Card or PERC controller. The method is the same. The two second rule still applies. You still start at the Dell Splash screen. The only difference is the 2 key combination. The POST of the server will display the needed two-key character required. <Ctrl>+<e> and <Ctrl>+<p> are popular for many Dell implementations.

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Note: The DRAC can also be accessed by pressing <F2>.

(Video) Lifecycle Controller first time setup using the wizard on your Dell EMC PowerEdge Server

The System Setup Main Menu allows to configure:

Option Description
System BIOS Enables you to configure BIOS settings.
iDRAC Settings Enables you to configure iDRAC settings.

The iDRAC settings utility is an interface to set up and configure the iDRAC parameters by using UEFI. You can enable or disable various iDRAC parameters by using the iDRAC settings utility. For more information about this utility, seeIntegrated Dell Remote Access Controller User’s

Device Settings Enables you to configure device settings (PERC, Network Card)


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Servers, PowerEdge, iDRAC7 with Lifecycle Controller Version, iDRAC8 with Lifecycle Controller Version


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